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Palmer Gallery features a series of six exhibitions of drawing, photography, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and animation, through May 14, 2010.

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY—A series of six exhibitions by students of the Vassar College's Art Department will be on view this spring, from Monday, March 29, through Sunday, May 14, in the James W. Palmer III Gallery of Vassar's Main Building. The gallery will be open Mondays to Saturdays from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm, and Sundays from 12:00 – 6:00 pm. All exhibitions and receptions are free and open to the public.
The first exhibition will be on view through Friday, April 2. This show will feature selected work from Vassar’s six classes of Basic Drawing, taught by Richard Bosman, Peter Charlap, Laura Newman, and Gina Ruggeri.  Each of the 109 students taking Basic Drawing is represented by at least one drawing. Works in the exhibition include drawings of figures, skeletons, architecture, and self-portraits, done in a range of media from charcoal and ink to collage. The opening reception will take place on Wednesday, March 31, from 5:00-6:00pm.
The second exhibition, on view from Thursday, April 8, through Thursday, April 15, will present the work of students from Peter Charlap’s Painting I course, which teaches basic painting skills through a sequence of specific problems involving landscape, still life, and the figure. The opening reception will be on Thursday, April 8, at 6:00pm.
Intaglio Printmaking will be the focus of the third exhibition, on view from Friday, April 16, through Wednesday, April 21. Taught by Richard Bosman, the course focuses on the intaglio techniques of line etching, aquatint, and dry point, as well as their variations, which are applied to making both black and white and color prints. The opening reception will be on Wednesday, April 21, from 5:00 – 6:00 pm.
A fourth exhibition will feature works from Judith Linn’s Photography II course, on view from Friday, April 23, through Tuesday, April 27. Photography II explores the development of an individual photographic language. Technical aspects of exposure, developing, and printing are taught as integral to the formation of a personal visual aesthetic. An opening reception will be held on Friday, April 23, from 5:00 – 6:00 pm.
The Painting II exhibition, on view from Wednesday, April 28, through Sunday, May 2, will present work exploring a wide range of conceptual and formal approaches to painting. Taught by Laura Newman, this course investigates painting through a series of assigned open-ended projects. The opening reception will be on Wednesday, April 28, at 5:30pm.
The final exhibition in the spring series, on view from Tuesday, May 4, through Friday, May 14, will feature both sculpture and animation works. Work from three courses—Sculpture I, II, and Computer Animation: Art, Science, and Criticism—will be shown in a variety of media. Sculpture I and II are taught by Tyler Rowland; the animation course is taught by Tom Ellman and Harry Roseman. The reception for this last exhibition in the Spring 2010 series will be on Tuesday, May 11, at 5:00pm.

About the James W. Palmer III Gallery

Situated between the North Atrium and the Retreat cafeteria, the James W. Palmer III Gallery is at the heart of the College Center of Vassar's historic Main Building. Constructed in 1996, the gallery was named and endowed by the Palmer family in 2000 in memory of their son James, a member of the class of 1990. Serving as an exhibition space for artwork created within and beyond the Vassar community, the gallery displays art of diverse mediums, themes, and origins.

Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations or information on accessibility should contact Campus Activities Office at (845) 437-5370. Without sufficient notice, appropriate space and/or assistance may not be available. Directions to the Vassar Campus are available online.

Vassar College is a highly selective, coeducational, independent, residential liberal arts college founded in 1861.

Art Department Spring Exhibitions
Palmer Gallery, Vassar College
(845) 437-5970 or

Basic Drawing/Design
March 29 – April 2
Opening Reception: March 31, 5:00pm
Students (109): Maria Ayala, Katharine Baggaley, Jamee Bateau, Emily Beer, Erika Betancourt, Eushavia Bogan, Jasper Boyle, Molly Bronstein, Rachelle Brown, Steffany Brown, Nicholas Burrell, Chelsea Cater, Priyal Chitale, Alexandra Codina, Laura Coholan, Catherine Cole, Jessica Colla, Lillian Cooper, Enola Coufal, Camila Delgado-Montes, Janosz Dewberry, Alison Dillulio, Julia Dinkel, Katharine Dolson, Cassandra Dreher, Rebecca Eells, Caitlin Forrest, David Freshwater, Aaron Gabaldon, Erin Gallagher, Ellen Geissal, Mara Gerson, Aaron Green, Jack Gross, Chloe Horowitz, Katy Hwang, Kimberly Hrycik, Emmett Ingram, Samantha Ives, Ryan Jaworski, Robert Jennings, Fiona Joyce, Ashley Julien, Lina Kavaliunas, Alix Kashdan, Hanke Kimm, Ivy Kough, Matthew Kramer, Cassandra Krawitz, Katherine LeClair, Aaron Lefkowitz, Rachel Lenihan, Anna Licht, Samantha Loewen, Zane Lujack, Julie MacDonald, Sarah Magee, Assefash Makonnen, Morgan Mansour, Anna Marcus, Melissa McClung, Hannah McDermott, Kelly McGee, Kristina Meccia, Alex Middeleer, Daniel Minty, Brian Moody, Alida Moore, Jaclyn Neudorf, Charles Nicholson, Kylie Nidever, Burcu Noyan, Timothy O'Connor, Akinyemi Ogundipe, Mi Park, Matthew Pearce, Roxanne Perez, Violeta Picayo, Nicholas Placeres, Clare Pomerantz, Lucinda Rawe, Alexandra Reynolds, Rafael Ricaurte, Alexandra Rossetti, Mariesa Samba, Natalie Santiago, Jared Saunders, Emma Schaeffer, Marissa Schwartz, Sarah Scrimshaw-Hall, Elizabeth Shand, Caroline Shannon, Avery Siciliano, Gabriel Smoller, Emily Sweeney, Ka Yu Tam, Jennifer Twing, Gabriela Van Auken, Theodore Van Der Meer, Morris Wee, William Wheeler, Kyla Winner-Connor, Sarah Wintner, Brett Wishart, Adam Wolfe, Ian Woo, Emma Young, Madeline Zappala, Hannah Ziobrowski.
Painting I
April 8 – April 15
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 8, at 6:00pm
Students (19): Tess Alpern, Lindsey Andon, Rhys Bambrick, Lucy Cantwell, Eric Chan, Madeleine Cichy, Alexander Elder, Clare Hazlett, Sydney Hessel, Jaleesa Johnston, Aleksandra Kolanko, Emily Leimkuhler, Lillie McDonough, Michael Mulat, Alexandra Pinkus, Lyndon Preston, Lilly Richard, Kristina Schwarz, Anna Tarshish.
Intaglio Printmaking
April 16 – April 21
Opening Reception: Wednesday, April 21, 5:00 pm.
Students (12): Allison Bachman, Richard Bellis, Nicholas Burrell, Jonatha Donaldson, Clare Hazlett, Gillian Kosinski, Jodi Lazarus, Noah Lourie Mosher, Nicholas Marmet, Maggie Negrete, Kristin Regler, Brett Wishart.
Photography II
April 23 – April 27
Opening Reception: Friday, April 23, 5:00pm.
Students (12): Timothy Aaron, Elizabeth Breiner, Carlyn Flint, Beryl Gilothwest, Noah Lourie Mosher, Tara Mazer, Caroline Mills, Chesney Polis, Ruben Ramos, Alessandra Schmidt, Nicola Turner, Stephen Xue.
Painting II
April 28 – May 2
Opening Reception: Wednesday, April 28, 5:30pm
Students (8): Annika Bastacky, Mary Flannery, Kathryn Mancher, Frances Morris, Gina Morrow, Nike Nivar, Nora Parren, Charlie Warren.
Sculpture I, II, and Animation
May 4 – May 14
Opening Reception: Tuesday, May 11, 5:00pm
Students (38): Wiley Aker, James Bacon, Rhys Bambrick, Jamee Bateau, Emily Beer, Madeleine Cichy, Jonathan Donaldson, Michael Faba, Kelsey Forest, Tobias Fox, Carolyn Grabill, Andres Gutierrez, Nicholas Inzucchi, Jaleesa Johnston, Julia Kann, Rebecca Katz, Aleksandra Kolanko, Charles Kuder, Kimberly Lawes, Jodi Lazarus, Stephen Matysik, Cordelia McGee-Tubb, Paul Noonan, Garrett Rich, Alex Rodabaugh, Kristen Schau, Elianne Schutze, Samantha Shin, Jensen Smith, Sierra Starr, Luke Stern, Jeffrey Stickle, Goran Svorcan, Mary Tate, Nathan Torrence, Charles Warren, William Webner, Graham Wong.

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